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In this modern day lifestyle with high pressure and everyday stressful situations we have made the hustle and bustle lifestyle the normal. We try to pencil in one more errand or one more event into are already busy schedules. All this pressure can easily cause our bodies to become un-balanced. It can become hard to unwind and relax but at these stressful moment it is crucial for your health to make the time to unwind and get balanced. This is not a luxury but a necessity!
Here at Coldwater Alternative Medicine we use the combination of nutritional counseling and massage therapy to help you achieve a balanced harmony ,recharge your energy and reach your health goals. It is very important for us all to take care of our mind and body for these bodies are the only ones we get. Today is a great time to start. Don't wait!

We Offer:

  • Nutritional counseling with herbs and homeopathies
  • Kinesiology, muscle testing
  • Raindrop therapy
  • Tuning fork therapy

Products We Carry:

  • Nature's Sunshine
  • Intermix
  • Garden of Life
  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Young Living Oils
  • Michael Clark Colloidal Silver
  • Isagentix
  • Product B
  • Miracle 2
  • Chi’s Enterprise
  • Arthur & Andrew Medical
  • Intergrative Therapeutics
  • Nature Works Swedish Bitters
We provide massage therapy to relieve all types of health problems. We can help you reach your health goals with superb holistic nutritional counseling.

Massage Therapy | Nutritional Counseling

Tuning Fork Therapy - Needles Acupuncture

Essential Oils | Raindrop Therapy | Supplements | Reiki

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  • Dedicated to Helping you Heal
  • We Offer Needle Free Acupuncture!
  • Relaxing Atmosphere