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Reiki is a traditional, naturopath practice that has been performed in the Japanese culture for centuries. Considered a form of pseudoscience, a Reiki treatment is an alternative healing medicine that transfers positive energy from the universe into the body.

Through connection from the palms of the alternative medicine practitioner to the patient’s body, the energy being transferred allows self-healing and a balance in the equilibrium. At Coldwater Alternative Medicine we aim to give you complete wellness in order for you to live your life in tranquility.

Whether you are feeling anxious about an event or you have been feeling an abundance of negative energy enter into your life, let us restore the peace and happiness that your state of mine was once in. With skilled and direct connection with the world and beyond, we are able to transfer positive energy into your body. Gain a peace of mind and live the complacent life you deserve.

Proudly serving the community of Coldwater, MI contact Coldwater Alternative Medicine today for our reiki and tuning fork therapy services.